5 Thailand’s sweetest Instagram Spots!

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Thailand, the Land of Smiles is one of the most famous vacation destinations for tourists worldwide. Whether it’s a beach vacation, a nature retreat, or a vacation to just let go and party hard, Thailand caters to all of those. 

Thailand has many such diverse destinations that it is definitely not possible to cover the places in a few visits. We capture all the precious moments in our cameras. And all of us love to share our most memorable experiences with the world by posting the sweet moments on social media like Instagram and Facebook. 

There is no dearth of social-media worthy places in Thailand. Every corner will give you something to share. If you go to some of its famous spots, it will really be a task to keep your camera down. This country is filled with so-called “Instagrammable Places”. We have made an attempt to collate some of the major Instagrammable places in Thailand which one should not miss.

1.  Maeklong Railway Market-An unique Shopping Scenes in Thailand:

At first, looking at the above phrase one might think, what can be more interesting in markets that are worthy of going online? There are going to be only fruits, vegetables and probably other goods right? Your thought is absolutely correct. However, Thailand being a touristy destination, it has extremely unique markets as well. The things you get in the markets are the same. Food produce, fashion accessories, flowers, artifacts, handicrafts, memorabilia, and other trinkets. Apart from this, the one thing which no tourist should miss is the street food stalls. 

Another thing Thailand is famous for is its food. The aroma, the usage of spices, and the deliciousness can only be experienced in Thai food. And though you might want to go to proper hotels and restaurants and have Thai food, the fun, and experience you get while having street food is an experience of its own.

And one such Bangkok Instagram spot is the Maeklong Railway Market. The most unique market in the whole of Thailand is literally a market on tracks. It is a 1,000 mm railway that runs between Wongwian Yai in Bangkok, and Samut Songkhram in central Thailand. And the hustle and the bustle of this market is never to be missed; especially the sight when the train arrives and all the merchants just rush to safeguard their stalls.

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2.  Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew – Temples of Million Bottles Thailand:

 What’s there to tell more about the glorious temples of Thailand inclined towards Buddhism. They build magnificent temples that will be known for their environment and architecture. There are no words to explain the magnitude of impressions these unique temples will bear on you. You need to visit to know their true worth.

There are temples which are built on the highest peaks, with Buddha statues made from emerald and gold, Buddha drew on the face of a mountain, temples which are carved out of wood, and many such impressive places. 

There cannot be any temple in the world like the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, or commonly called the Temple of Million Bottles. This can in fact be named the most instagrammable place in the world. You must be wondering why its nickname has bottles in it? Right? It’s because the whole temple is made of Beer bottles. Yes, you hear it right, the whole temple is made of millions of green and red beer bottles. And additional monuments are still being added. What started as a mere game with beer bottles has now led to a great conservatory temple complex across the globe.

Pic Credits: @piisirada (Instagram)

3.  Lopburi Monkey Festival- Quirky Buffet Thailand:

Every destination has its own unique and quirky things to look forward to. Whether it might be some experiences or some places which are extremely different. All these calls for some attention on social media for their weirdness. 

Thailand is no less in this regard. It has some of the most unimaginable places which are not there in any other place in the whole wide world. And Buffets for monkeys’ festival is one among them. This is a phenomenon unheard of in this whole wide world, where humans arrange a lavish buffet for these long-tailed naughty pranksters. This festival held at the Lopburi Province is definitely a Bangkok instagrammable spot. Starting this festival with a vibrant dance in the costumes of monkeys it then leads on to revealing the most extravagant super ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to cool drinks and sweets, all prepared just to appease these macaques. The reason dates back to the mythical times of Ramayan where the monkeys helped save princess Sita. And hence to this date monkeys are considered to be a sign of luck at this place.

4. James Bond Island – A Natural Attraction of Thailand

There isn’t much to describe this topic right! The title itself does the job for us. Beaches and Thailand go hand in hand. Given Thailand itself is a country of beaches, islands, and caves there are innumerable Instagram Hotspots that you can explore. 

The sandy beaches, limestone cliffs, the rock of unique shapes jutting out of the blue ocean and creating a panoramic view of delight, Caves with Stalagmites and Stalactites, mangrove forests on the backwaters of these beaches, and whatnot.  That’s the reason why Phuket is always Indian Honeymooners Dream Vacation.

But what tops the list of instagrammable places in Thailand is definitely the Hollywood spectacle – The James Bond Island. Shot to fame by the Bond series of 1974 – The Man with the Golden Gun is actually called Khao Phing Kan or Ko Khao Phing Kan, a limestone island in Phang Nga Bay northeast of Phuket. Isn’t the movie name enough to take a picture here and make it the trending post on your Instagram?

5. Soneva Kiri – Insta-Worthy Resorts: 

Not only are the outdoors Insta worthy, but even your stays can also be as interesting as ever. 

Thailand has got some really exquisite resorts and spas which are like from a postcard. These resorts are like a fairy tale setting that has been built on private beaches, islands, on hilltops, amidst lush forests. 

Soneva Kiri is utterly a treat to all your senses. Offering once in a lifetime experiences wherein you will be dining on a man-made nest right in between thick jungle. The food will get to you through ropeways. And you can enjoy an uninterrupted evening with your loved ones cozily in that nest. 

Head to Thailand for some of the most picturesque locations and Instagramable Home Away from Home.

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Final Thoughts:

In this Tech Savvy world, everyone is looking to share their unique experiences with the rest of the world. Thailand is one place with a never-ending list of unique experiences. Fill your profiles with amazing Thai Experiences like no other!

The more the merrier!


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